Flat clamps

Flat clamps are designed to be used for fixed or flexible connection of conductor and flat part of the device. Part “C” includes clamps for stranded and tube conductors. These clamps should comply with the same conditions stated in part “A” concerning materials, contact resistance, warming as well as short circuit resistance.


Flat clamps straight for ACSR and Al conductorsC 1

45° flat clamps for ACSR conductorsC 2

90° Flat clamps for ACSR conductorsC 3

90° Flat clamps for Al tubeC 4

90° Flat clamps flexible for Al tubeC 5

Flat clamps for Al tube sliding and ACSR conductor straight or TC 6

Support clamps for ACSR conductorC 7

Connecting clamps straight for connection of ACSR/Al strip for connection of Cu conductor/Cu stripC 8