Clamps for bolt

Clamps for bolts are designed for dismantable or fixed current connection of the conductor with the bolt. Part “A” includes all kinds of conductors as well as flexible connection of tube conductors. Clamps are made from identical or similar materials with acceptable physical characteristic, taking into consideration current transmission and electrochemical efect of conductor and clamp. Relative contact resistance must be smaller or identical with the conductor resistance of the same lenght of conductor. Warming of the clamp must be smaller than the conductor on which the clamp will be applied. Resistance of the clamps against short circuit current enables clamps to be functional even after short-time short circuit of 1 second.


Clamps straight, bolted and compressionedA 1

Clamps straight and boltedA 2

45° Clamps boltedA 3

90° Clamps straight bolted and compressionedA 4

T-clamps boltedA 5

Clamps straight bolted T - Connectors boltedA 6

Flat terminals boltedA 7

Expanzion couplersA 8