Noncurrent fittings

Noncurrent fittings are designed to be attached to the insulator strings, to the suspension and tension towers to keep the distance between bundled conductors as well as to reduce vibrations.
Fittings for overhead transmission lines which are not submited to special tension requirements should keep tension of the conductor in its axis when strength of attachment is 27 % of nominal strenght of conductor. Slipping of the conductor or damage of conductor wires should be avoided.
Nominal strength of conductor a 81 % guarantee of conductor strength without slipping or breaking of the conductor.


Strain socketsB 1

Strain rollersB 2

Compression strain clampsB 3

Compression cable lugsB 4

Wedge - type clampsB 5

Bolted strain clampsB 7

Earthing strain clampsB 8

Swivelling suspension clampsB 9

Swivelling earthing suspension clampsB 10

Fixed earthing suspension clampsB 11

Tower clampsB 12

Earthwire suspension equipment C-shapedB 13

Spacer dampersB 14

Vibration dampersB 15

CounterweightsB 16

Repair sleeves and line guardsB 17